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Who is The Woman in the Picture?

Updated August 1, 2015
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Who is The Woman in the Picture?

You know never what you'll find in a thrift store, and now the whole internet is trying to figure out who this mystery woman may be.

The photos were discovered by Meagan Abell went she walked into a thrift store. 

Who is The Woman in the Picture?

Abell found four sets of slide film transparencies sitting in a box of vintage photos at the local thrift store in Richmond, Virginia.  She is guessing the photos were probably taken in the '40s or '50s.  The pictures conjure up a little slice of Americana.

Who is The Woman in the Picture?

Fascinated by the medium format slides, Abell quickly took them home and had them developed.  They came out so beautiful with soft colors that they could be mistaken for paintings.

Now she is asking for help on the internet to figure out who the woman in the photos could be.

Do you have any clues who the woman may be?

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