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Navy Builds Its Most Lethal Warship Ever

Updated August 4, 2015
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Navy Builds Its Most Lethal Warship Ever

The U.S. Navy's new ship comes in at 7,800 tons and 337 feet.  The stealthy steel sub has a cost above $2 billion. 

That new-boat smell may have worn off a bit during sea trials, but the man in charge was pumped with pride as the U.S. Navy's newest submarine joined the fleet in a commissioning ceremony at Norfolk Naval Station on Saturday.

Navy Builds Its Most Lethal Warship Ever

Daniel Caldwell, a 22-year Navy veteran and the first captain of the  'USS John Warner', says it's the shiniest and coolest thing he's ever seen in his military career.

Navy Builds Its Most Lethal Warship Ever

The 'USS John Warner' doesn't even need a periscope.  Instead, it will use a photonic mast, an innovative new piece of equipment that uses high-definition and infrared video to enable the sub to see and not be seen.

It has a control system that look like a big arcade video game.

The sub can hold a crew of about 135 people.  It's armed with 12 Tomahawk cruise missiles and MK48 torpedoes.  It can launch unmanned undersea vehicles and transport Navy SEALs without breaking the surface.  The ship even makes its own air and water. 

Don't worry, this information is public and we aren't revealing any secrets.

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