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Donald Trump Won't Make Pledge

Updated August 7, 2015
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Donald Trump Won't Make Pledge

Yesterday's debate started off with a bang from Donald Trump when he said he would not be willing to pledge his support to the GOP nominee - it's possible Trump could still run as a third-party candidate if he isn't supported by the Republican party in the 2016 election.

Trump made the remarks when moderator Bret Baier asked if there was anyone "who is unwilling tonight, to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party, and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person?"

Rand Paul (R-KY), Senator from Kentucky, went after Donald Trump for refusing to pledge that he would support the GOP nominee.  Paul accused Trump of hedging his bet on the Clintons.  Paul went further to say that Trump is already hedging his bets, because heís used to buying politicians.  Trump retorted that he had given Paul plenty of money.

The feeling among Republicans is that if Trump jumps ship and runs as an independent, it would almost certainly hand the race over to Democrats. 

Here is what Donald Trump had to say about the pledge, "I cannot say.  I have to respect the person that, if itís not me, the person that wins.  If I do win, and Iím leading by quite a bit - thatís what I want to do.  I can totally make that pledge if Iím the nominee, I will pledge I will not run as an Independent.  But I am discussing it with everybody.  Iím talking about a lot of leverage.  We want to win, and we will win.  But I want to win as the Republican.  I want to run as the Republican nominee."

Did Trump hurt himself or gain more supporters?

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