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The Worst Stereotypes About All 50 States

Updated August 3, 2015
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The Worst Stereotypes About All 50 States

There is no escaping stereotypes - every state has them.  They aren't all bad, but they are still overly-generalizations based on shared qualities or behaviors depending on where you live.

Sometimes the stereotypes can get in the way of travelers getting to know the locals. 

Yahoo! Travel has come up with a list of some of the worst misconceptions about each state.  So here we go.  Don't take them too personally - it's just for fun.


Alabama's stereotype:  All they care about is football and NASCAR.

Alaska's stereotype:
  Most of the residents are burly, unshaven, ice-fishing fur-wearers who beat up little seals for sport.

Arizona's stereotype:
  Itís mostly populated with senior citizens who carry their own hot sauce everywhere they go.  They also think finding a parking spot in the shade is more important than the birth of their first child.

Arkansas' stereotype:
  The most common misconception is that people think everyone who lives here is a hillbilly.

California's stereotype:
  Nothing there but beach bums, bodybuilders, activists, and movie stars. 

Colorado's stereotype:
 Everyone there is smoking pot skiing.

Connecticut's stereotype:
  Nothing here but country-club-loving, pastel-wearing, helicopter-flying people who make up the one percent.

Delaware's stereotype:
  It's just a place to shop and avoid paying taxes. Thatís it.

Florida's stereotype:
  Made up of retirees who drink lemonade by the pool and play shuffleboard.

Georgia's stereotype:
  This place is overflowing with sweet Southern blond women and the kind of gentlemen who youíd want to bring home to mama.

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